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Orthodontic Treatment in Abington, Pennsylvania

Transform your smile and improve your oral health with orthodontic treatment from Robert H. Carber, DMD in Abington, Pennsylvania. We offer a wide range of treatments, including metal and clear braces.

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfectly aligned mouth. While the most apparent consequence of a less-than-perfect smile is cosmetic, there are other more subtle ramifications, such as biting and chewing problems, tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, and earaches. Proper spacing and orientation of your teeth go a long way toward improving not only your appearance, but also your general health and well-being.

Orthodontic Treatment

Beginning orthodontic treatment at an early age is always advisable, though today, almost a third of those wearing braces are adults. For teens and adults, today's orthodontic treatment is easier, shorter, and sometimes, for instance with Invisalign, even unnoticeable!

If you are considering orthodontic work, let us discuss the options available with you. They range from conventional metal braces to the nearly invisible Invisalign™. Sometimes, temporary braces will do the trick.

The Crozat Method

It is not always necessary to extract teeth to resolve crooked or misaligned teeth. The Crozat method of non-extraction orthodontics is a specialty of ours. Many patients find it appealing because the appliance used fits behind the teeth, and is not cemented, leaving it removable for cleaning. Let us show you the benefits of this method.

Orthodontics, Orthodontic Treatment in Abington, PA

Contact our dental practice in Abington, Pennsylvania, to discuss how orthodontics can benefit your smile and overall health.